viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Chespirito died at age of 85

Roberto Gomez Bolaños best known as Chespirito was a famous latin american actor and writer who got the nickname from the England writer William Shakespeare since he was a smaller version of a creative mind. He died from a long battled respiratory illness. I used to watch his series called: “el show de chespirito" every Saturday morning instead of playing videogames. I also realized cartoon network made a cartoon version of the principal show of the series: “el chavo del 8" that was about an orphan boy who lived in the public area of an old condominium since he had no relatives. It was a nice story that became famous around all Latin america since it adopted something different (the idea of not leaving all the comedy rest on one character, but allowing all actors and actresses develop their own characters and their comedy engagement. This gave born to a kind of Latin american comedy really close to the sitcoms whose origin was related to Chespirito and which is a topic long discussed now. I am sad for having to say bye to one of my childhood heroes, but at the same time I am happy because he was a really hardworking men that put the Latin American comedy on a different level.

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014


I don't know if this had happened to you or not, but how many times you've wondered if the time you spend with your family is enough. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about this since the balance I had was altered with an extracurricular teaching course I was able to attend to was opened (at last).

You can say it isn't to much, but when you are the kind of person that likes to get the best of everything and take your time to achieve the best results, things can get complicated. Lots of homework can keep you a while in front of your computer while classes themselves keep you away from your family.

We can do a big online vs presential classes analysis, but even though being at home is a plus, if you are not paying attention to your family you are “virtually” not there. Every time you take your cellphone bed with you, it's the same thing since you are not sharing the time with the people you are working for. Yes, you work because you have a family that needs you, you work because you have “needs and wants" that most of the time are associated with the people you love.

So why don't you make a difference today and get yourself disconnected from the outer world and get yourself connected to the people close to you.

jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Using music to study

A common practice is to use music to study, but a lot of people think it is not a good idea. Actually, using music that helps you is not a bad idea, but since studying requires certain level of concentration, you will need a proper kind of music that encourages your concentration somehow.

This is where the problem lies: "the kind of music" you use. Since there are lots of music genres you can think it is not a bad idea to use the one you like, but depending on the music speed and rhythm will be the concentration level you’ll get. There are tons of music styles and kinds, but you need to know not all of them are suited to help you concentrate.

Why? Simple, just imagine you are trying to read a book and you are getting a lot of noise from a construction place right beside your house. The complex mix of sound is not helping at all right, but the same goes when you are shuffling a non balanced playlist with all kinds of music and stuff all together. We have a memory that will be associating the sound to situations, people and memories we may have attached to them altogether. Let’s skip now to a “same genre like playlist” and think in these questions: Are you able to do simple tasks while listening to it?  Are you able to listen to your inner voice while you are reading? Are you able to just simple complete any task efficiently? If the answer is no to any of this questions, then you will need to choose a different king of music.

Here I am leaving you a classical music playlist that is always helpful to me. Hope you like it!

viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

Taking a test

Taking a test is one of the most difficult things you can face in your life. You may be nervous, you may not know all the answers, but in the end, the truth is that to complete things is the best way to finish them and be able to succeed searching got new life chapters.

If you leave everything in blank. It is going to be a wrong answer anyway. Don't you think the same?

What are the problems that make us thing the exams are really bad:

  1. You are thinking it's bigger that what it really is: most of the time you may think that if you don't pass a test you are going to spend your life on a low earnings job and that my friend is not true at all. Actually, if you pass it you will continue your path to success and if you don't you can still continue your path because you never know. Just let it be since you know it is a test, not a party, but do not let it mess with your happiness.  
  2. You're justo too nervous: this can be based on different reasons, but my expirience has shown to main triggers: 
  • You did not study or skipped critical lectures: actually, I can remember myself taking really easy exams, but I was there scrapping my head really hard, but the ideas where not comming. Why? Because they where never there. I never studied or for some reasons had skipped "that" lecture I think is the one that was used specifically for the test. 
  • Your parents are expecting too much from you: there are times, when your parents, that always want the best for you, are just delivering to much pressure so you can become a good professional and have a great dreamed life. Most of the time they will take away your videogames, tv, mp3s, mobiles, etc. Remember they are just doing it because they trully love you and they want the best for you. 
Some advices to remenber:
  1. Exams are just part of the life: from time to time you will need to face exams, test, trials. Do not let them get you down, use them as steps to the success. 
  2. If you had to skip classes or lectures, just catch up with your friends help: remember that many times you went to your friend's house to play videogames, you can still go, but for this time you can copy the classes and ask them questions instead of killing zombies or playing mortal kombat. 
  3. Try to postpone activities that are not so important and organize priorities: a concert the weekend before the last classes week on the other side of your country/state, a party at the same time you have classes, the new Call of Duty is out. You know all these can actually wait. 
  4. Talking to your parents about their level of pressure in you: the other day I learned the importance of talking to your parents and expressing your worries, I discovered they can be our friends and most of the time they really do not know how to express it. It is ok to have a hearth-to-hearth talk with them about what worries you, spetially the pressure they can put in you before tests. 

miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

Adverbs of frequency poem

This is a poem I did so you can practice the use of adverbs of frequency

Sometimes, I wish I am happier,
Sometime, I wish I'm more alive,
Sometimes, I wish I am more thankful,

Always, I try my best,
not expecting from others, since my Lord took my burdens.
Always, I am wishing to take control of every situation,
but letting things be is a solution I must take.
Always, I am learning to forget,
so I can learn new things.

Not so often, I visit my old friends,
but their memories are always with me.
Often, I walk on grass, my feet naked,
I like to feel nature so close.
Often, I forget how my own face looks,
And that's when I pay attention to the mirror given details.

Seldom, I wish I can go to the beach,
but when at the beach I wish not to come back.
Seldom, I steal a kiss from my wife,
like when we were just boyfriends.
Seldom, I wish I forget my negative thoughts, but turnig then to positive is funny.

Frequently, I wish time is slower,
so I can spend more time with the people really care about me...

lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

¿Cómo ver la nota de unapec?

El link de la página para ver su nota es
Su contraseña es su fecha de nacimiento. Como yo nací el día 03-12-1987 mi clave es 03121987.
En caso de que esa contraseña no les sirva deben llamar a la escuela de idiomas al 809-686-1090 o al 809-686-0021 ext. 290 para que les den una nueva.
Podrán ver su nota a partir del día 1ro de julio.  
Mucha suerte y bendiciones.

lunes, 6 de julio de 2009


Hello everybody!

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